Free Events at Diggers this Fall!

Now that the intense tourist season is slowing down a bit – and my friends aren’t photo.jpgsuper tied up working all the time – I’m looking forward to holding events in the shop and getting a chance to reconnect and make new friends, too.

All events are free but space is limited. E-mail to save a spot.

Embroidery Workshop
Thursday, October 4th, 7pm – 8:30pm

Learn how to stitch your thoughts and dreams…or flowers, or whatever 🙂 You’ll learn all the basics to get started. Fabric, needles and floss supplied. Hoops to lend, but bring your own if you can. Limited to 8 spaces. Register for a spot by e-mail to:

Discussions @ Diggers Returns! clipart group
Discussion at Diggers #1 Anarchism 101 – what is anarchism, really?
Thursday, October 11th, 7pm – 8:30pm

After the successful series held last fall, Discussions @ Diggers is back! With the growth of interest in anarchism, this seemed like a good topic with which to kick off the series.  The first discussion night will be about the basics of anarchism (most people don’t know or have misconceptions about it) and how we can use some of its principles to create a truly better, more caring community. Bring your questions!

Discussions @ Diggers #2 “You Gotta Read this Book!”
Tuesday, Oct. 23, 7pm -8:30pm

Have you read a great novel or non-fiction title lately? Or have an all-time favourite? Come chat over tea about your favourite book(s) and we’ll all go home with a list of recommendations for the cold reading days ahead. Bring a copy of the book if you can.

Discussion@ Diggers #3 – Building Better Communities outside of Electoral Politics Thursday, Oct. 25th, 7pm – 8:30pm

The election is over, and whether who you voted for got in or not, one thing that hasn’t changed is that there are still many ways we can improve our lives outside of electoral politics.
How might we do that? What could we organize to help each other? What can we do to support friends, neighbours and co-workers to make sure our needs are met and we also have a good, fun life? Let’s discuss!

Looking forward to getting together!
Contact me to register for any or all of these events at:

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