Winter…and soon Spring 2018 at Diggers!

It’books are portable magics been cold – there’s no heat in the store – so, not much has been happening over the winter other than making plans for the epic spring and summer coming up!

I’m looking forward to all kinds of fun in and out of the shop at Diggers when the warmer weather arrives. Discussion nights, which proved to be a hit last summer, will start up again. That’s where we pick a topic, sometimes sparked by a zine in the shop, discuss and drink tea.

I’m planning on some free “make it” events, too, including zine making, card crafting , and my latest obsession, embroidery to both repair clothing and make some statements. photo 2photo 4photo 3

photo 1

A talk and slide show about craftavism and street art gathered from some of my travels may also be in the cards as well as some music events. And there will be potlucks!

I’ve been reading a lot over the winter and combing through catalogues to bring you the thought-provoking, community building, and inspiring books you won’t easily find elsewhere in the County.
Lastly, I’m also building an interesting collection of used DIY books and some entertaining fiction, all under $5 or pay-what-you-can.
As always, there are some free reading materials to take home, and zine reading in the shop is encouraged.

May 5th will be when we first open the shop this year. That’s when we’ll be one of the stops on the first ever County scavenger hunt, Adventure PEC  We’re excited to be a part of the fun and we’ll have some sweet surprises for those who choose to visit us as one of their stops.

The “official” opening of Diggers will be Friday, June 1st and with an evening social.

I’m looking forward to warm days and lots of sharing the love of the written word and community with everyone. And if you want to be kept in the loop, please follow this blog or find us on instagram and facebook at Diggers Books and Zines.





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