3 Things that happened at the book shop

Words of wisdom shared in the shop by Hannah, my granddaughter.

Some interesting and fun things have been happening at the shop. Number one is the most important and that is about the people that have been coming by. Awesome friends and families have dropped in and some have left their mark – literally.  And it’s been really cool to meet new people who’ve come from near and far.

I met a new neighbour when we first opened and from her choice of  books, I learned we had some things in common. She picked up an Orwell title – I’m a fan, too – and she also got Tesla: Inventor of the Electrical Age for her husband. The science books in the shop are thanks to my husband’s extensive reading on all things scientific.
Then this past Wednesday, I was so happy to meet a couple of fellow anarchists who dropped by from out-of-town. anarchist say hiThey’d heard of the shop through a friend of a friend, and were visiting the County for the first time. We had a good chat and I learned a bit of what’s happening in their town which, by the way, is home to The Tower, a place I hope to visit one day. They bought  a couple of books to give as gifts, and I had a chance to tell them about Little Bluff, our beach down the road.

Number two of what’s happened is that more books have arrived.  After hours of searching through GetPageImage.aspxbook racks in used book stores, I managed to find four suitable titles in perfect condition to add to the Diggers collection: A DJ Saved my Life – the history of the Disc Jockey (actually set aside for a DJ friend), Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World’s Food System, by the brilliant Raj Patel, Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting by in America, the lived experience book of working various jobs by Barbara Ehrenreich, and the autobiography of Austin Clarke entitled Growing Up Stupid under the Union Jack.

photo 3My order of new titles arrived from PM Press, too, and cracking open that box was exciting. Among the pile was one I’m particularly looking forward to reading. Black Flags and Windmills is about the Common Ground Collective. Described as equal parts memoir, history, and organizing philosophy, it vividly intertwines Common Ground cofounder scott crow’s experiences and ideas with what happened during Hurricane Katrina to show how people can build local grassroots power. It’s a story of resisting indifference, rebuilding hope amid collapse, and struggling to create better worlds. Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! says “scott crow’s trenchant memoir of grassroots organizing is an important contribution to a history of movements that far too often goes untold.” And David Graeber, author of Debt: The First 5,000 Years says, “The story of the Common Ground Collective is that of one of the greatest triumphs of democratic self-organization in American history.”
And the third thing I’ll mention that’s happened at Diggers is frogs!
frogYes, this past week  hundreds of frogs were born around the shop – outside of it, I mean. Cute baby frogs were everywhere in the yard! I had to be careful not to let them hop inside whenever I went in or out. Now, it seems most have ventured farther away but there are still a few that can be seen hopping around outside the door of the shop under the hostas, so have a peak if you come by.

There are more things happening all the time at the shop, so I hope you have a chance to come browse the shelves. I’ll be open all weekend and also a few other days that I’m home, likely Thursdays and Fridays, or by chance.




3 thoughts on “3 Things that happened at the book shop

  1. A book shop sounds like a dream come true. Do you pick titles from any indie authors?


    1. Hi, I pick titles that along the focus of the shop which is books/zines that are radical left, feminist, anti-authoritarian, community organizing and such, and yes, a lot are from indie authors. Mostly it’s non-fiction but some fiction along the same theme, i.e.: Orwell classics and new fiction by authors writing on those themes.


      1. That’s an interesting theme you’ve got running. If we run into any authors along those themes, we’ll be sure to recommend them 🙂


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