Diggers Opening Day attracts Radicals

And that title isn’t just click bait!

shop interiorWe had a great opening last Saturday at Diggers. Thanks to everyone who came out, especially friends who came all the way from Kingston and Peterborough to spend the day. We ate, laughed, came in and out of the rain, talked about recent actions, and about possible future events at the shop and in the County.
Ktown friends also brought more zines to add to the collection and copies of The Peak for the free bookshelf, which was greatly appreciated.

zine rackReading zines in the shop is encouraged, so come to browse and feel free to  sit at the table or out in the yard and read the zines. You don’t have to buy them. If there’s one you do want to take home or pass along, the $2 or $3 we’ll collect will be sent to the author(s) or distro to offset the costs of printing.


That’s all the news for now. Tonight I’m excited to be making another order to PM to replace what’s gone off the shelves already, and adding some great new titles,too.

I’ll be open this Saturday and Sunday, and future weekends for the summer from 11am to 4pm, and by chance whenever the sandwich board is out by the road.

store exterior.jpgHope to see you,


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