After Bern, Misfit Matriarch & Other Zines

IMG_5553This post is going to be a short because tomorrow is opening day for Diggers Books & Zines and it’s late as I write this. Nonetheless, I want to share a bit about some of the zines we have in the shop.
Zines – for people who may not know – are, as the one called “What’s a zine?” explains “independently or self-published booklets, often created by a single person (but not always). Sometimes they are created by cutting and pasting text and images onto a master for photocopying, but it is also common to produce the master on a computer. The end product is usually folded and stapled. Zines can be printed and bound in any manner.”
Many of the zines you’ll find at Diggers challenge assumptions. Some offer thought provoking analysis, or report on events and unique experiences. One set of five zines I have was actually made into one of my favourite little books called Next Stop Adventure by Matt Gauck. The book is out of print, but I contacted Matt in Portland, and he sent me copies of the original zines! They’re in some ways actually better than the book because they contain more of his art than ended up in the  book.
Another interesting one that’s beautifully produced is called The Hot Tray Hooper and Other Stories Told while Doing Time by Cedar Rabbit. It was printed by the folks at The Tower in Hamilton.
Okay, it’s really late now – actually, officially Saturday – so  I’m wrapping up with a few titles you might like to check out tomorrow (really, it’s already tomorrow…)
Misfit Matriarch issue #1 is a clever chronicling by a young, single mom about her life in Toronto and Oshawa. Or check out Reap What You Sow –Radicals Reflect on the Prison Farms Campaign from out of Kingston. After Bern – An Open Letter to the Newly Disheartened is from Capitalism and the Mystique of the Local is a good one out of Sprout Anarchist Collective in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Does Trump Represent Fascism or White Supremacy? Is a guest column distributed by 613anarchy. Dismantling the Boys Club is from After the Fall press and distribution, and there are many more.
If you do come to Diggers, feel free to read these while you visit us. If you decide to buy one to take home, they’re only around $2 to $4 a piece.
Zines like these are not created to make a profit. They are intended to share ideas and stories. Any money collected from their sale will go back to the authors or collectives, to help with the cost of printing and to keep zine culture alive.
We’re also planning to hold some zine workshops at Diggers, so stay tuned for that!
Hope you can make it to the official opening, tomorrow, Saturday, July 8th anytime from 11am to 4pm at 2568 County Road 13, PEC.



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