Diggers Books & Zines is almost here

Hey! I’m starting a little book shop!
It’s a radical-left / feminist / anarchist / book and zine shop where we’ll also host workshops and talks with drinks and snacks.

book store logo for wordpressThis is an idea that I’ve had brewing for a while.
For me, working toward building a better world has always been greatly informed and sustained by reading and I think the same is likely true for others. Books really can change lives! Zines can, too.
But one problem I’ve found is that books on how we might organize society differently for a better world, or that offer serious analysis and spark ideas to inspire us to action aren’t widely available.

So this is what’s happening so far with the shop that I hope will remedy that where I live.

First, I’ve been working on transforming what we call “the studio” into a store. This is a space beside our garage thatIMG_5526 we used years ago when we ran Art Jam camp. Since then, the room has mostly just been a place to store piles of stuff and to keep all of our Food Not Bombs supplies and various banners. Reorganizing that has proved to be a challenge, but it’s coming along and I’m almost there!

Secondly – and this has been the most fun – I’ve placed and received book orders from both PM Press and AK Press in Oakland, California, to bring in a curated selection of social justice, anarchist and feminist titles that you won’t find in any mainstream book store.
In the used book section I’m putting together, there’s a selection of homeschooling titles, some highly recommended works of fiction, and the largest selection of physics – yes physics  – books in the entire county!  Thought provoking zines, some silkscreened patches and t-shirts, and a few other surprises will also be available.

I’m really hoping to make this a fun place to visit, to stop by for inspiration, for shared learning and maybe have a tea or coffee, a snack, and on a hot day, a freezie.

All being well, I’ll be opening on Saturday, July 8th. We’re at 2568 County Road #13 in Prince Edward County.
That’s it for now. My next post will explain why the shop is called Diggers and offer a peak at some of the titles we’ll have available.

Stay tuned and follow this blog if you’d like updates.
Thanks for reading,




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